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“Thank you for this great service sms and phone! I have waited long for such a service that makes people money for calling their family free!”

J. Linder
London, UK


January 2007 has started their service to help people in over 50 Countries to make free international phone calls!

March 2010
Affiliate Program Launched!
Whether you have family, friends or business partners in other countries which you would like to be able to call for free or you are an affillate and want to earn Zero-Effort commission, register and upgrade to Pro-Member and watch your income grow by itself by having the comfort of calling your loved ones free at the same time!






Here at, we have integrated a Referral-Bonus system for our members for helping their Family, Friends and Business Partners save money on their phone bills.

We do not charge any additional fees, for becoming an independent Agent of like others. With your membership of you are automatically eligible to receive referral earnings! Free members earn for direct referrals and Pro-Members earn additional 7 Levels below their direct referrals! 

In order to receive referral earnings, you only need to register with and you will then be able to login to your account, where you will see your own referral link of that you can send to your Family, Friends and Business Partners, in fact to all of whom you know, they are calling other Countries frequently, to help them save money by calling over 50 Countries free.

With your referral link, you have your own website with your unique referral-ID. if you want to help others to save money on their long distance phone calls, simply send your unique referral link with your referral-ID and you will see them in your back office within the members area as soon as they have registered. Once they have upgraded to Pro-Member by paying the one-time subscription fee in order to enjoy Free International Phone Calls, and their payment is cleared(within 24hours), you will see your earnings within your account.

When you are a free member and you have not upgraded yet, you will earn referral commission only for your direct referrals. As soon as you upgrade your account to Pro-Member, you will start to earn commission on referrals in 7 Levels below your direct referrals according to the table below.

Please note that we have ZERO tolerance for spam mails, please send your website only to those whom you know and who have requested it, if we receive spam complains (with proof), and that you are sending unsolicited emails to unknown receivers, we will cancel your account and you will not be able to receive commissions from then on. See more on Anti-Spam Policy

We will pay you for your direct-referrals according to the below table:

Direct Referrals Commission: For each Person referred by You = $10.00

Additionally. You will receive for every new Customer, which are referred by your Referrals between $1.00 - $5.00 through 7 Levels.

Below is an example of referral earnings for members who help their Family, Friends and Business Partners to save money on their International Calls by referring them to

Levels Number of Referrals Commission Total
Direct Referrals 5 $10,00 $50,00
1st Level 25 $5,00 $125,00
2nd Level 125 $2,00 $250,00
3rd Level 625 $1,00 $625,00
4th Level 3125 $1,00 $3.125,00
5th Level 15625 $1,00 $15.625,00
6th Level 78125 $1,50 $117.187,50
7th Level 390625 $2,50 $976.562,50


The example above is based on referring 5 new members throughout 7 levels(every person within your 7 Levels, helps at least 5 people to become a member of Earnings calculations are subject to your and your Referrals efforts for helping others to save money and referring new members to

You can calculate the above example with any other number of Referrals for your own possibilities, or according to the number of people you know and can help them to eliminate their phone bills.

Referral Earnings are Paid two times per month, one between 15th and 20th and end of each month between the 1st and 5th for the past two weeks. Additionally, you can also request a payment from your back office (members area) as soon as you have a minimum of $50.00 on fridays between the two payments.

You can select your commissions to be paid via Paypal, Alertpay, Moneybookers or Wire instruction. for Wire instruction, you will need to have at least $250 commissions earned).

When you want to withdraw your earnings, you will be asked to provide your Paypal, Alertpay and/or Moneybookers ID, and will be able to withdraw your earnings as soon as you have a minimum earnings of $50. Your withdrawal request will be processed within 24hours, otherwise your earnings will be paid out at the end of each Month automatically via your selected payment method

Register for your membership and enjoy calling your Family, Friends and Business Partners free, by getting paid for it and building your business with Zero-Effort!


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